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about me


05-05 she/her INFJ-A

Hello and welcome! My name is Neha. I'm a full-time UX designer by day and creative cat by night. In my free time, I like to draw, design graphics, and play video games. ≽^•ܫ• ྀིྀ≼ ♡

tools of the trade

  • Wacom Cintiq Pro 24" Tablet

  • Adobe Creative Suite

  • Clip Studio Paint Pro

  • 12.9" iPad Pro/Apple Pencil

  • Procreate


  • Animal: tiger

  • Drink: chai

  • Flower: lotus

  • Food: tiramisu

current fandoms

  • BTS

  • Genshin Impact

  • Honkai: Star Rail


Please make sure to read and familiarize yourself with the Terms of Service before requesting a commission from me.
These prices are subject to change.


starts at $50

Base price is for 1 bust-up portrait with simple graphic background.

You'll receive: 1 png file. 300dpi. 2400 px x 2400 px min dimensions.

Simple props$15
Complex props$25

coming soon


starts at $100

Base price is for 1 half-body with graphic background.

You'll receive: 1 png file. 300dpi. 2400 px x 3600 px min dimensions. Please let me know beforehand if you'd like the plain half-body png file as well.

Simple props$25
Complex props$50
Complex details$50 - $75
Detailed background$75+

coming soon


starts at $200

Base price is for 1 full-body with graphic background.

You'll receive: 1 png file. 300dpi. 3600 px x 4800 px min dimensions. Please let me know beforehand if you'd like the plain full-body png file as well.

Simple props$25
Complex props$50
Complex details$50 - $75
Detailed background$100+

coming soon

terms of service


  • My commissions are digitally rendered. You will not receive physical copies of your commissioned art.

  • I may deny a commission request for any reason. This will likely be due to my schedule, or if I am unable to accommodate your request.

  • Unless stated in the request, I have permission to post completed commissions on my social media.

  • I reserve the right to stream a commission's process unless otherwise discussed. Streams will be on either Twitch or YouTube.

  • Please use a reputable image hosting service for references. I do not accept zipped files.

  • Only initiate a commission if you are above 18 (or have a parent/guardian's consent if you are younger) and are financially capable. All invoices will be sent to the commissioner unless otherwise agreed.


  • You may change your references if I haven't started on your commission. Ask about your commission's status before doing so.

  • I will periodically send you WIPs once I begin your commission.

  • You are entitled to 2 edits during sketching and 1 during rendering. Further edits may incur a fee dependent on complexity .

  • Once a commission has reached its final stages, it is no longer open for major compositional edits.

  • Commissions can take anywhere from a few days to 2 months, depending on my schedule.


  • Commissions can only be officialized and started once all upfront payments have been made.

  • I must receive 100% of the payment after I confirm a commission. Partial payments can be discussed.

  • All payments are made through Paypal. If you don't use Paypal, please notify me.

  • You are entitled to request a refund prior to my starting your commission. If I have started, you cannot request a refund.

  • Don't issue a chargeback. You can request and receive a full refund if 2.5 months have gone by without any progress.

  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission at any stage and issue a refund for any reason at any time.


  • All commissions are exclusively for personal use and private collections unless commissioned for commercial use. Commercial usage will incur additional fees.

  • I do not authorize commercial or noncommercial work that I have created to be fed into AI algorithms.

  • It is prohibited to use my art in any blockchain technology, including NTFs and other forms of cryptocurrency.

  • Altering my artwork without permission is not allowed, with the exception of cropping/resizing for personal icons or banners.

  • Do not directly reference my artwork without written permission and appropriate credits.

  • Reposting my art on social media is allowed with visible credit.

will draw

  • Human/human-esque characters

  • Youthful to mature-looking characters

  • Kemonomimi

  • SFW couples

  • Heavily censored artistic nudity

  • Animals (counted as complex props)

  • Weapons (counted as complex props)

  • Fanart (only for personal usage)

  • Copyrighted characters (with authorization)

will not draw

  • Non-human/non-human-esque characters

  • Elderly or child characters

  • Offensive/derogatory content

  • Violence/gore

  • NSFW

  • Real people

  • Muscular characters

  • Unrealistic anatomy

  • Overly complicated designs


  • If any of these terms are violated, the perpetrator will be blacklisted.

  • Do not harass me about commission slots or anything else.

  • By requesting a commission, you are agreeing with all terms stated above.

Once you are ready, please send your commission inquiry to with the following:Subject: Commission Inquiry from [your name]
Commission Type: (Portrait, Half-Body, or Full-Body)
Commission Subject & References: (Visual references are required.)
Email for Paypal Invoice: